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Identification of Progress and Challenges Impacting Public Health

The Association engages health policy research to inform employers,  Health Industry Professionals, and policy makers alike about what they can do to increase the diversity of the professional workforce of U.S. employers, such that it reflects the U.S. ethnic composition and demographics.

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We Research National Health Policy
Policy and Guidelines Research that Directly Impacts Workforce Diversity

Reaching Out to Gather Data from Commercial and Government Sectors

National health policy questions are being asked from the perspective of health scientists. By meeting with executives in commercial sector and private industry, our dialogue instructs and informs us on what are the 'next steps' towards reaching our mutual public health goals. Working with government, the Association seeks to stimulate cross agency partnerships to encourage multiple agencies to think about their contribution to addressing this national issue. We've called upon and regularly meet with executives and policy analysts from Education, to Labor, to HHS, to DOJ, to SBA... asking them what they can do to help. Questions and Answers are published online to showcase the progress being made, and even illustrate some of the challenges so that you might help us. A thorough approach to research is necessary, to identify best practices, and to develop solutions that can be offered to a broader base of U.S. employers.

"It's irrefutable that there's a large gap in life expectancy by race. However, in order for proper solutions to be implemented nationally, we need data and must present that data coherently and cohesively to policy makers."

Betty R. Bailey, PharmD
Jane Smith

"Even though we don't work directly in patient care, our health administration organization has recognized the value and importance of working diligently to reflect the people we aim to serve, from within our workforce demographics. The research has informed us, that people want to know and see that they are truly being represented - present in patient care, biomedical research, health administration, and all aspects of public health."

Daniel Stokes, PhD
Shane Melaugh