Impact National Health Industry Workforce Diversity Policies

Publish Your Research, Trends, and Findings

Author your own research and perspectives on the need for national health policy to be more supportive of workforce diversity. Affirm the national challenge, and your personal experience and challenges. Flesh out the etiology, and how race-based disparities in your therapeutic area of interest contribute to a decrease in life expectancy. Affirm the unique qualifications and unique potential of Black American Health Industry Professionals. Describe your own past performance and results in helping to restore trust in the health care system. Cite and link to the Association of Black Health Professionals website within the article. Make it substantive: 1,000+ words, Data, Insert comments from a panel of your peers. Publish to your employer's blog and share broadly to social media channels.  These are 'hot topics' and America is looking for thought leadership on how increase the quality of care. We want to do our part to help thought leaders continue their work in front of larger audiences.