Seize the Opportunity to Invest into Advocacy for Workforce Diversity

The work of this association is funded by the thoughtful willingness of people who partner with us in a couple simple ways. Publish your perspectives and discuss your contribution to closing the gap in health disparities. Recruit talent from within the Association's membership to apply for jobs, contracts, and grants issued by your health organization. 

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Partner with the Association of Black Health Professionals

Simple Ways to Partner with Us

(1) Submit a thoughtful brief comment about the issues we discuss.

(2) Mention us in a relevant article published on your website.

(3) Recruit our diverse members to apply to work with you in some capacity. 

Take action. Through one decision to establish partnership with the Association of Black Health Professionals, employers in government and commercial sectors support our advocacy work and eliminate health disparities that contribute to the gaps in life expectancy.

"We have to be willing to change and modify to improve. This means we're taking steps to be more inclusive of mission-critical partners, ensuring they are present within every level of our organization."

Emanuel A. Morris, MS
Jane Smith

"The Association of Black Health Professionals offers partnership opportunities that truly adds value to any health industry organization - from co-marketing new initiatives, to hiring Association members for short and long term consulting opportunities... We're delighted to have established a working partnership with the Association."

Ruby N. Cote, MD
Shane Melaugh