Alignment with a Mission to Reduce the Burden of Health Disparities

We envision a USA where healthcare industry executives and their larger offices in both the government and commercial sectors sponsor, adopt, and use best practices of eliminating health disparities efforts in their employment and contracting practices.

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Coalition Building
Collaborative Partnership with Non-profits, U.S. Employers, & Health Industry Experts

We Advocate for Black American Health Industry Professionals

The Association believes in the great talent and powerful potential of Health Industry Professionals to improve economic robustness through workforce diversity efforts. Through our research, we're committed to sharing with executives the benefits of increasing the proportion of health industry positions, with Black Health Industry Professionals' talent to reduce the gap in life expectancy. Organizations partner with us, because we have the tools and a plan that gets more highly trained Black American Health Industry Professionals to work and think about how they can solve public health problems weighing most heavily on your state's overall wellness. A portion of proceeds shall be issued through grants to collaboratively engage programs, research, and legislative advocacy to help us achieve our mission, vision, and goals. 

Many people take it for granted that when they visit a doctor's office, stop at a pharmacy or go to the dentist, at least some of the staff members will look like them. For some patients, it may not matter much whether health providers resemble them by race... But for others, diversity (or lack of) could determine whether they seek or shun the health care system.

Lisa Esposito, US News and World Report
Jane Smith

"It is imperative for us to use workforce diversity as a strategic tool to allow for a rich and effective workforce of professionals who engage with organizational leaders internal to any health organization, and engage on behalf of the organization with external stakeholders."

Alexander Oladele, PharmD, Executive Director, Reseau Docteur Network
Shane Melaugh