Closing the Gap Through Advocacy and Partnership

We Are Health Scientists, Clinicians, & Public Health Professionals Who Work to Eliminate Health Disparities

The mission of the Association of Black Health Professionals is to increase the utilization of Black American health professionals’ talent in programs that should ultimately reduce the gap in life-expectancy within the United States of America.


Based in the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC
Life expectancy is the ultimate measure of healthiness.

It is prominently used to measure a country's economic security. There remains a clinically and statistically significant gap in life expectancy that exists by ethnicity in the United States. We're reaching out to executives in business and government to discuss with them the vital contributions the Black American Health Industry Professional makes towards building a healthier, stronger, and more economically robust nation. 

Black American Health Industry Professionals have unique qualifications to close the gaps in life expectancy, especially those that exist by ethnicity.

Unite your voice with a coalition of health trade professionals - from health research to health care to health policy - who work in both government and commercial sector, to present the benefits of increased voluntary employer adoption of workforce diversity initiatives encouraged by EEOC, per Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964. Within this association, we share our experiences, challenges, successes, and accomplishments in closing the gap in lifespan that exists by ethnicity.